4 reasons to consider diversity job boards

Recruiting in STEM: the benefits of targeting specific groups as part of your recruitment strategy

Skill shortages mean that employers must now look at different talent pools to attract people to their organisation. We know that the process of attracting and retaining a diverse workforce can be a bit overwhelming for employers, especially in a very competitive market.

But there are some actions companies can take to widen their talent pool and increase the number of female applicants. One way is to consider advertising their job or training opportunities on diversity job boards. These websites target specific groups, and can help companies to increase application numbers from that group. We know that women are significantly underrepresented in STEM and that employers struggle to get higher numbers of women applicants. As a result, promoting exclusively on generalist job boards or social media websites may not allow STEM employers to directly access the untapped talent pool in the sector.

We also know that job seekers are giving more and more importance to the culture of the organisation and its social values. And to look for these companies that align with their personal values, they don’t stick to traditional recruitment sites when looking for their next career move. And this is why using a “niche” job board – combined with other ED&I initiatives – can be beneficial and help employers connect with this new pool of talents while building a more diverse and competitive talent pipeline in the long-term.

Here are 4 reasons why you should consider diversity job boards:

  1.  They send a positive signal to job seekers that you, as an employer, are committed to diversity and inclusion;
  2. They may have less traffic but provide you with a more targeted approach and reach. If you only ever fish in the same pond you only ever catch the same fish…;
  3. As they have fewer jobs advertised they are easier to navigate for potential candidates;
  4. They can be more cost-effective than generalist job boards and can include additional services. For example, the Equate CareerHub service includes a review of your job description for any unconscious bias or gendered-language.

The pandemic has undoubtedly changed the relation people have with their work environment and expectations about work and life balance have also come into sharper focus. The current and future STEM workforce is looking at job opportunities from a different perspective and employers will have no choice than taking this into account – should they want to attract and retain the best talent going forward. We, collectively, need to rethink how we are doing business, and how we can create meaningful relationships in the workplace, and find ways to connect with people and organisations who share the same values. And this is where niche job boards can come into play and help people connect differently, with purpose.


The Equate CareerHub website has been designed to help STEM employers connect with women studying, working, or wanting to work in STEM. The language review service that Equate provide to employers is research-led and based on the team’s expertise and experience working with STEM women, employers, and educators in Scotland for the past 14 years.

To find out more about the service, and discuss your recruitment needs, please email us at careerhub@napier.ac.uk.