Advice for employers

The Careerhub will work with employers to make their job descriptions more appealing to women in STEM.

Your background, personal experiences and the social stereotypes or inequalities that are deeply embedded across society  can have an impact on your decision making and cause biases which can have negative consequences.

This is called unconscious bias and it has proven to affect selection decisions in recruitment. We tend to hire people like us or based upon our assumptions of other people, rather than the individual best fit for the job.

When recruiting for a role we may already have a ‘type’ of person in mind and this can be illustrated in the job advert and description.

This has a negative impact on minority groups. Yet, diversity is a key ingredient to the success of Scotland’s economy. Diversity in the workplace leads to better decision making and better profits. Women’s participation in STEM is worth an estimated £170 million per annum, and gender equal work practices will increase productivity and diversify Scotland’s businesses.

The Careerhub will work with employers to address the gender imbalance in Scotland’s STEM sector through recruitment practices, by addressing unconscious bias and detecting gendered language.

Below you can find a few hints and tips to get you started.