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World Book Day – Equate Recommends…

Today is World Book Day and to celebrate we thought we would share with you a few of Equate’s favourite books. At Equate we want to see more women studying, working and leading in STEM, but to do this, we must be recognise the contributions of women not just in STEM but also, culture, literature […]

Is AI in recruitment good for diversity?

As recruiters start to rely more and more on automated technologies to select and hire candidates, Equate Scotland wants employers to be aware of the impact artificial intelligence could be having on the diversity of the candidates selected. Recruiting a new employee is a notoriously expensive and laborious process. By the time you take into […]

5 minutes with… A Software Developer

My name is Chloe and I joined Scott Logic, a software development company based in Edinburgh,  through its Graduate Programme. I benefitted from a fantastic induction programme, support from a mentor, and the opportunity to work on challenging projects that stretched me and gave me hands-on experience. Looking back on the questions I had when […]

5 Minutes With… Melinda Matthews Clarkson, CEO, CodeClan

The time is now for a career in tech. In Scotland the average salary for a Software Engineer is £46,209 and every year there are over 11,000 vacancies in the digital tech sector. This will only continue grow. Yet, women make up only 23% of tech roles and although this has increased by 5% in 2012, […]

Returnships – what are they and is it for you?

Returnships are on the rise and are helping hundreds of women across the UK get back into work after starting a family. According to the Women Returners Network there are 44 Returnship schemes being run in 2018. And research conducted by PwC reveals that addressing the career break penalty for women could boost the UK […]

Welcome to the Equate Careerhub!

Welcome to the Equate Careerhub! The Careerhub is Scotland’s first job board designed for women working and studying STEM. Currently, it is estimated that only around 25% of the STEM sector are women and 73% of female STEM graduates eventually leave. Yet, we know diversity is important for a country’s economic and social success. Not only […]

How FanDuel are working to achieve lasting cultural change

Small consistent changes help achieve lasting cultural change.   Here at FanDuel Group we are dedicated to increasing the amount of women in our organization. Although we are still a long way from closing the gap in our male to female split we believe small continuous consistent changes can help achieve a lasting cultural change. […]

Why Edinburgh Napier are using the Careerhub

Kirsty Mckay from the Edinburgh Napier University recruitment team tells us why they have chosen to use the Careerhub… ‘It’s a really exciting time for us at Edinburgh Napier University, as our colleagues in Equate launch their new ‘Career Hub’ webpage. As an applied and inclusive university, we believe that providing gender equality for all of our […]