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‘Celebrating Life Everyday, Everywhere’

If the name of the company does not ring a bell to you, some of Diageo’s iconic brands will: Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, Baileys, Tanqueray, Captain Morgan, Guinness… to only name a few. Diageo produce a collection of over 200 brands – old and new, large and small, global and local – that are enjoyed in […]

6 Steps to Plan for your Autumn Recruitment

The end of summer and the beginning of autumn can often be a very busy time for organisations, HR professionals, and hiring managers. This year is unlikely to be any different according to projections in the Labour Market Outlook: Spring 2022. Key stats from the report show: Net employment balance is exceeding pre-pandemic levels which […]

Reflections of a School Girl who chose Engineering!

by Aine Finlayson. Engineering is a rewarding career and central to its success is the need for innovation, new products, new processes and committed teams. It has, and will always, benefit from different thinkers, different styles and open-mindedness. With over 30 years in engineering, I rarely take the time to reflect on how I got […]

A Deep Dive into Careers in the Energy sector

The rapid transformation occurring in the energy sector is creating a window of opportunity for today and tomorrow’s workforce. The energy transition and path to net-zero are shaping the future of work in the sector, with a goal not only to create new skills or reskill the current energy workforce, but also to identify the […]

Mobilising Scotland’s Tech Talent for Good

Learn how the volunteer force of the Scottish Tech Army is supporting third and public sector organisations with their digital journey and how you can get involved.  The Scottish Tech Army (STA) is a not-for-profit company and a volunteer COVID-19 technical response team that supports the Scottish Government, Local Authorities, and other organisations across the […]

The challenges of the 21st-century energy transition

How do we produce reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy for our societies? The energy transition we are currently experiencing is one of the most complex challenges faced by our industrialised societies today. It requires a collective effort from a variety of stakeholders and involves both social and technological changes. Simply put, it is the process […]

The impact of the pandemic on early careers

How to address the issues faced in the student labour market and encourage early career options? Internship and placement opportunities are a common way for both students and graduates to gain work experience, discover the professional world, and define what they want to do next. They can also be very valuable for career changers or […]

‘My life in tech – from the Micro to the Metaverse’

by Anne Widdop. I was first inspired to start a career in technology when personal computers were in their infancy, the first ‘Apple Mackintosh’ was a few years away and the internet was decades away. My dad had been given a BBC Micro and no-one had any idea what to do with it. Being good […]

What are STEM employers looking for in 2022?

Last February, we hosted a Meetup on employability skills with STEM Industry experts from Diageo, IBM and, SSEN Transmission. We talked about the top employability skills in the job market, how to best stand out, the dos and don’ts of CV building, and how to effectively demonstrate transferrable skills when applying for jobs. What was […]

Building a career in manufacturing

An insight into the journey of a self-made woman. The Food and Drink industry is one of the largest sectors in Scotland. It employs 47,000 people (26% of the Scottish manufacturing workforce) and it is estimated that the industry will need 41,900 new recruits by 2029. Diageo is a key player in the industry accounting […]