Equate Meetups

Equate Meetups are informal networking events, providing the opportunity for employers to meet potential female candidates, talk about current and future career opportunities within the organisation. These events are an opportunity for STEM employers to feature the company’s culture, network with potential female candidates and attract a new talent pool for both short-term and long-term recruitment needs.

Why co-hosting a women-only event with Equate?

We know STEM employers find it difficult to attract more female applicants. Co-hosting a women-only event is a great way for employers to position themselves as employer of choice and get the chance to talk to potential female candidates.

Including this type of initiative in a wider strategy for diversity and inclusion can provide more exposure and encourage female candidates to reach out and apply to advertised positions.

Who are Equate Meetups for? 

  • Our Meetup events are free for STEM employers who are already using Equate CareerHub service and have job or training opportunities to promote to women students, women professionals or women returners.
  • If you haven’t used our CareerHub service but would be interested to know more about our recruitment packages and/or Meetup events, please do not hesitate to reach out. We will work with you to define the best approach to help you with your recruitment needs.

For more information about Equate Meetups or to discuss your recruitment plans, please contact our Industry Recruitment Coordinator, Marine Moinard, at careerhub@napier.ac.uk.

“Thank you to the excellent team at Equate for partnering with us to make this event such a huge success, we really feel like we connected with our target audience to deliver the message that working at Dell Technologies and in technology in general is a great career move for women at all stages of their career, even when they have no prior IT experience.”