About Equate Meetups

Equate Meetups are informal events that aim to connect employers with women in STEM (students and professionals).

The goal of these event is to:

  • talk about career opportunities within a specific organisation or industry,
  • discuss the evolution of the sector and job opportunities available,
  • provide career tips and recommendations to women students and professionals,
  • offer an opportunity to network in an informal and friendly environment.

Co-hosting or being a guest speaker

We arrange Meet-Up events to bring women and students together to learn more about your organisation, your culture, and the career pathways available with your organisation.

These events raise awareness of your organisation and the opportunities available with you to a targeted audience. You can also highlight the role models in your organisations by having them present at the meet-ups.

How does it work?

  • We work with you to plan the day/session, reach out to your targeted audiences, and market the event.
  • Some Meetups can be hosted with one specific employer but we also organise Meetups with several employers to talk about a specific area of interest or industry.
  • Meetups have been primarily designed for Equate CareerHub users and can be part of the employer’s recruitment strategy to attract more women candidates.

To learn more about Equate Meetups, please contact us at: careerhub@napier.ac.uk.

“Thank you to the excellent team at Equate for partnering with us to make this event such a huge success, we really feel like we connected with our target audience to deliver the message that working at Dell Technologies and in technology in general is a great career move for women at all stages of their career, even when they have no prior IT experience.”