Equate Meetups

Connecting employers with women in STEM

Equate Scotland MeetUps are informal networking events, providing the opportunity for employers to meet potential female candidates, talk about current and future career opportunities within the organisation. These events are a great opportunity to feature the company’s culture and attract a wider talent pool for both short-term and long-term recruitment needs.

Why co-hosting a women-only event with Equate?

We know STEM employers find it difficult to attract more female applicants. Co-hosting a women-only event is a great way for employers to position themselves as employer of choice and get the chance to talk to potential candidates. Including this type of initiative in a wider strategy for diversity and inclusion can provide more exposure and encourage female candidates to reach out and apply to advertised positions.

Equate Scotland takes care of the event creation, hosting and promotion. As an adds-on service, Equate Meetups are free for employers who already have purchased a CareerHub package.