How FanDuel are working to achieve lasting cultural change

Small consistent changes help achieve lasting cultural change.


Here at FanDuel Group we are dedicated to increasing the amount of women in our

organization. Although we are still a long way from closing the gap in our male to female split we

believe small continuous consistent changes can help achieve a lasting cultural change.

We have made small impactful adaptations to recruitment practices in an effort to increase the

amount of female applicants. We have implemented Unconscious Bias training at people

management and senior leadership level and also rolled out interview bias training for all

interviewers. We are working towards ensuring that every interview panel has representation

that enables diversity of thought.

Given that woman are still 10 times more likely to be the primary caregiver at home we

recognise that it is more likely that women will require a flexible working arrangement. With this

in mind we teamed up with Working Families Scotland and their happy to talk flexible campaign

so each of our job adverts has a ‘happy to talk flexible logo” included. We hope that this will

lessen the stress which may be felt when asking about flexible opportunities at application stage

and hope that the logo will encourage women to apply who may otherwise have held back

assuming the role would not allow for flexible working.

Each of our job adverts include our diversity statement to ensure that applicants understand that

FanDuel are committed to creating a diverse environment, which is inclusive of everyone and

aims to get the best out of everyone.

We run our job adverts through a job decoder in an effort to ensure that the language used

doesn’t unconsciously target men and alienate women.

We will be working with our recruitment partners to ensure that our own best practices are

adopted within their processes to maximise a diverse pipeline.

More recently we are very excited to start using Equate Scotland’s career hub which has the

largest network of Women in Technology in Scotland. We feel this is a great opportunity to

target an untapped pool of talent and are really excited to see the applications come through.

We have worked with Equate a great deal over the years, they have been a fantastic support

from a advisory standpoint for our leadership team and have also ran fantastic training sessions.


By Emma Corstorphine, FanDuel

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