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Scotland’s only award-winning digital skills academy, now offering on-campus and remote training opportunities. Transform your career with one of CodeClan’s immersive courses in Software Development, Web Development and Data Analysis or get ahead of the competition with one of our short courses.

Code Clan are offering a number of short course to enable you to up- skill in Data and Web Development.

These include:

Python for Data Analysis

7th & 8th September

Python is becoming an ever more popular tool for data analysis and data science. Get an introduction to Python for data in this two day, hands on, practical course.

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Programming Fundamentals with Python

4 days over two weeks, starting 25th September

Python is a popular, flexible and versatile programming language which is great for beginners to learn. We’ll take you through the fundamentals of programming and by the end of this course you will have the knowledge to start automating simple tasks.

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Software Development Life Cycle Fundamentals

28th – 30th September

As Covid-19 is the most disruptive force in a generation, it’s more critical than ever to utilise your technology by minimising cost and maximising output.

Through learning the software application lifecycle, you’ll gain a greater understanding of the workings of your current systems and can offer input into designing better applications for your business. We walk you through the stages of a software project and explain the jargon to grow your knowledge of web development and applications for growth.

It’s more important than ever to prioritise your organisation’s technology.

Poor communication costs UK businesses on average £8,000 per employee*, and slow moving projects cost organisations time and money. Whether you’re a project manager moving from Waterfall to Agile, or you work in HR hiring teams delivering large or small scale projects, understanding your software development team and its processes will minimise cost and maximise output. Learning how to engage with software developers will also lead to better executed and more effective projects, as well as reduced stress.

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