• Careerwise Placement
  • Edinburgh
  • 14 January 2020

University of Edinburgh

Job title: Design of a Low-Voltage Modular Multilevel Converter Research Intern
Responsible To: Dr Michael M.C. Merlin
Department: School of Engineering, The University of Edinburgh
Location: Edinburgh
Duration: 12 weeks
Salary: £18,009 pro rata
Placement Ref: EQU/2020/017

Job Specification

1. Basic purpose of the placement and its primary objectives:
Modular Multilevel Converters (MMC) are composed of hundreds of small power converters called Sub-Modules (SM) forming highly efficient power converters, yet are inherently complex. While MMCs are mainly found in High Voltage Direct Current applications, interest is growing in lower power applications (e.g. distribution networks and electric drives) due to their modularity, performance, high waveform quality and efficiency.
The objective of this placement consists in designing and building a working low-voltage SM (<50V) for a wider modular power electronics project. This work will take place under the supervision of Dr Michael M.C. Merlin and the power electronics research team at the University of Edinburgh, who will provide plenty of support and expertise throughout the different stages of this project.

2. Main duties:
– Power electronic design
– PCB design
– Soldering and system assembly
– Electrical testing and debugging

3. Knowledge and skills required:
– Undergoing UG degree in electrical and/electronics engineering
– General knowledge about electrical engineering
– Power electronic engineering
– PCB design, Soldering, Electrical testing

4. Person skills:
– Great enthusiasm
– Curiosity about engineering topics
– Autonomy

5. Working conditions:
The work will initially require some initial learning to understand the basic concepts about Modular Power Electronics (weeks 1-2). Quickly thereafter, PCB design and component sourcing will require work on a computer (weeks 3-8). Finally, the soldering, assembly of the electrical components, digital interface programming and testing will take place in the Power Electronic lab (weeks 9-12).

How to Apply
Students should complete the online application form via the Equate Scotland website and attach a cover letter and a CV as separate documents, in PDF version and hit submit.
Please also make sure you note the placement reference number that you are applying for (highlighted in red above) as you will need this to complete the application form.

Closing Date: 14th January 2020
Placement Ref: EQU/2020/017