• Careerwise Placement
  • Edinburgh
  • 14 January 2020

University of Edinburgh

Job title: Laboratory Wave Measurement Intern
Responsible To: Laura-Beth Jordan / Thomas Davey
Department: FloWave Ocean Energy Research Facility , The University of Edinburgh
Duration: 12 weeks
Salary: £18,009 pro rata
Placement Ref: EQU/2020/032

Job Specification

1. Basic purpose of the placement and its primary objectives
FloWave is a wave and current test tank located at the University of Edinburgh’s Kings Buildings campus. The facility is primarily dedicated to scale model testing of wave and tidal energy devices, and as such, it is essential that the sea states generated within the tank are properly measured and characterised. Conventional probe based measurement systems sample discrete points across the 25m diameter of the tank. This project explores the feasibility of using a camera based system to measure the waves in the laboratory. This involves redeploying existing hardware, in addition to repurposing open-source software currently used for measuring full-scale waves on fixed platforms at sea.

2. Main duties:
• Deploying wave measurement camera hardware
• Exploring/modifying specialist open-source software to make it suitable for use in a scaled laboratory environment
• Investigating the differences between probe based and camera based measurement systems for wave analysis

3. Knowledge and skills required:

• Studying towards an Engineering or Science based degree
• Interest in waves or hydrodynamics would be desirable
• Basic programming experience would be beneficial, but is not essential

4. Person skills:
• Proactive and willing to learn
• Good interpersonal and communication skills

5. Working conditions:
You will be part of a team of engineers working at FloWave and you will be given a line manager who will provide you with guidance and support. This project will involve both practical work in a hydraulics laboratory and office based work, for which you will be allocated a desk and computer.

How to Apply
Students should complete the online application form via the Equate Scotland website and attach a cover letter and a CV as separate documents, in PDF version and hit submit.

Please also make sure you note the placement reference number that you are applying for (highlighted in bold above) as you will need this to complete the application form.

Closing Date: 14th January 2020
Placement Ref: EQU/2020/032