Why advertise with us?

Recruiting, retaining and promoting women is great business sense. Diversity in thinking and decision making increases productivity, profitability and innovation. We know the jobs of the future are in STEM, yet it is estimated only 25% of women make up Scotland’s STEM industries.  Not only is this a waste of talent and opportunity but it jeopardises Scotland’s chances to be at the forefront of innovation. We need a thriving STEM sector in Scotland to be globally competitive and relevant. To do this we need the sector to be diverse.

The Careerhub is the first website in Scotland tailored specifically towards women working in science, technology, engineering and the built environment.

Equate Scotland has access to the largest network of women in Scotland’s STEM sector reaching 1000’s of women working and studying in STEM.

Aiming to address the gender imbalance through  recruitment practices the Careerhub will work with employers to make their job adverts more inclusive by:

  • Detecting gendered language.
  • Reviewing the format, structure and tone of the job description.
  • Reviewing images.
  • Providing suggestions to widen the recruitment search and maximise the number of women applying for the position.

What you will get

For £200 + VAT per job advert you will get:

  • Up to 30 days of advertising including your company logo and profile.
  • A review of your job description including suggestions to eliminate any gendered language or unconscious bias.
  • Direct advertising to 1000’s of women through our newsletter and social media accounts.
  • A link to your website so applicants can apply direct.
  • An opportunity to provide feedback on your experience.

As an organisation engaging with Equate Scotland and demonstrating that your organisation is actively creating an inclusive and diverse working environment, you will be considered an employer of choice for women in STEM.


Why do we charge for this?
Firstly, to ensure we attract companies serious about what they are advertising and who are committed to creating an inclusive and diverse workforce. Secondly, to cover the running costs of the Careerhub and support other services we provide women free of charge.

Is there a discounted rate for SME’s and small businesses?
There is no discounted rate for SME’s and small businesses. We have priced the Careerhub to make it accessible to organisations of all sizes.

Why do you review the job description?
We know men and women respond to job adverts differently, and it is important to consider this when recruiting. Often job descriptions reinforce unhelpful stereotypes that currently exist, but by considering the wording, structure and tone of the job advert, employers can start to attract a more diverse pool of applicants.

Do I have to accept the changes made to the job advert?
Employers are not obliged to accept the changes made by Equate Scotland; however, we strongly recommend considering them to encourage applications from female applicants.


  • The Equate Careerhub is a promotional opportunity only and Equate Scotland are not responsible for ensuring your position is filled.
  • The purpose of the Equate Careerhub is to attract more women into STEM roles, we do this by reviewing the job description and advertising within the Equate Scotland network, however, we are unable to guarantee that you will see an increase in female applicants.
  • Equate Scotland is a not – for – profit organisation and all income generated through the Equate Careerhub is invested in gender equality activities in STEM across Scotland.
  • The Careerhub cannot offer refunds.
  • All job adverts are advertised for a 30 day period.

For more information please contact Aileen O’Hagan on 0131 455 5141 or email careerhub@napier.ac.uk