Welcome to the Equate Careerhub!

Welcome to the Equate Careerhub!

The Careerhub is Scotland’s first job board designed for women working and studying STEM.

Currently, it is estimated that only around 25% of the STEM sector are women and 73% of female STEM graduates eventually leave. Yet, we know diversity is important for a country’s economic and social success. Not only is this a waste of talent and opportunity but it jeopardises Scotland’s chances to be at the forefront of global innovation. As the number of STEM opportunities in Scotland continues to increase, we want more women to be able to take advantage of these opportunities. Here, you will find employers actively looking to attract the best talent by addressing the gender imbalance in Scotland’s STEM sectors.

We know that job adverts do not always read as being inclusive or truly reflect the culture and opportunities available within a company. That’s why we are working with employers to provide advice on good recruitment practice and widen their talent pool by making their job adverts more inclusive.

If you are a looking for a new job, student placement or are looking to return to a role in STEM following a career break, the Careerhub has you covered.  Here you will find a variety of roles and opportunities including full & part time vacancies, job shares, returnships and Careerwise placements – our tailor made placement scheme for female students.

The Equate Scotland Careerwise Placement Programme is a 6 – 12 week paid placement for women studying a STEM related subject at one of Scotland’s colleges or universities. Applications open for the 2018/2019 intake at the beginning of October, with some already being advertised on the Careerhub. Find out more about Careerwise here.

The Careerhub also provides guidance on applying for jobs, preparing for interviews and tips on how to raise your online profile. If you would like any further advice just give us a call and we are always happy to help.

As a brand new service, we want it to work well for our users so please let us know what you think and how we can improve the Careerhub.

To provide feedback, please contact Aileen on A.OHagan@napier.ac.uk

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