What we know

As a research-led organisation, we know that recruiting, retaining and promoting women is great business sense. Studies have demonstrated that diversity in thinking and decision-making increases productivity, profitability and innovation, yet it is estimated only 25% of women make up Scotland’s STEM industries. Around 70% of women with a STEM qualification leave their sector, which is a waste of talent and opportunity for women, for employers and for Scotland’s chances to be at the forefront of innovation.

Having worked with STEM employers for 14 years, we also know that organisations are finding it harder to recruit STEM skills and even though they want to employ more women, they find attracting female applicants difficult.

How we can help

The Equate CareerHub was established to overcome this challenge and support employers with the attraction of women into STEM roles. It aims at addressing the gender imbalance through recruitment practices and the use of inclusive language in recruitment materials. It also gives the opportunity for employers to show their commitment to creating a more diverse workplace while accessing a niche network of women studying, working, or looking to work into STEM.

We have been using Equate CareerHub to promote our vacancies at The School of Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure and Society (EGIS). The language review service that Equate Scotland offers has been helpful to attract more applicants, raise awareness internally about unconscious bias, and continue the ongoing discussions we have around diversity and inclusion. Our partnership with Equate Scotland shows Heriot-Watt’s commitment to creating an inclusive learning and working environment”. Caroline Brown, Heriot-Watt University.

Inclusive recruitment starts – but does not end – with attracting a more diverse talent pool at the application stage. There are other steps employers can take during the recruitment process to reduce unconscious bias and increase the number of underrepresented groups within the organisation. Equate Scotland can provide additional and tailored support to help employers reach their ED&I goals.

Contact us to find out more at: careerhub@napier.ac.uk.